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Justin Bailey is a highly skilled and imaginative professional photographer who can help to make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly. Catering to clients in London, Essex and across the United Kingdom, Justin will take the time to get to know both you and the venue at which you are getting married. This ensures he is familiar with the location and any other factors that need to be considered whilst providing professional wedding photography for your special day.

Friendly and relaxed.

Although Justin is superb at guiding people into the right positions for the informal and formal portraits at weddings, he does this without getting in the way, in an unassuming and unobtrusive manner. This approach enables him to take many candid shots throughout the day that capture the moods and emotions of the bride and groom as well as their family and friends. If you are looking for a London wedding photographer that also covers Sussex, Surrey, Essex, and Kent please get in touch.

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“Justin can blend perfectly into the background of your wedding, and come to the fore with great ideas for shots. He was a calming confident influence rather than a bossy photographer. We are delighted with our photos. Justin caught us being ourselves as well as posing for the perfect shot.”

“Justin was incredible. He was professional and yet very friendly, blending in with our wedding day. It was a joy having him around and his photos were divine!”

“Justin is extremely professional, getting to know us and our venues before the wedding, being flexible and working to get the best pictures for us. He listened carefully to what we wanted and what was most important to us and was very unassuming on the day, and took some amazing and personal photos.”