Langtons House Wedding Photographer

Langtons House, Wedding venue photo taken by Justin Bailey Wedding Photographer

Langtons House Wedding Photography Packages

My prices are for weddings that take place at Langtons for the ceremony and photos afterwards in the grounds.

2 hours of photography

Photography from arrival of the couple, the ceremony, family photos and couple photos in the grounds

1 hour of photography


Photography starting just before the ceremony, during the ceremony and a little while afterwards.

I have photographed many weddings at Langtons House in Hornchurch, over several years, including all types of weather, including snow.

Langtons House, is a historical registry office deeply rooted in Essex’s heritage. Constructed in the early 18th century, Langtons House stands as a testament to the architectural elegance of the Georgian era. Originally designed as a residence for the merchant, John Massu, the house has witnessed centuries of significant events and gatherings.

The building’s Georgian architecture has only grown in prominence over the years, showcasing its timeless appeal. The meticulously maintained gardens surrounding the house feature elements that date back over a century, adding to its historical significance.

Today, Langtons House remains a symbol of historical preservation, blending its rich past with modern functionality to provide a unique and picturesque setting for a variety of events and Weddings.

Location: Langtons House, Billet Lane, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 1XJ