Wedding Photography Gaynes Park : Hayley and Daniel

When Hayley and Daniel decided to have a late March wedding, they didn’t expect it to be a wintery snowy day as you can imagine. First thing today, I drove to Gaynes Park and took a few of the images of the venue in the snow, before heading to the Marriot Waltham Abbey for getting ready.

Hayley wasn’t too sure about the snow until I showed her those images of Gaynes Park I had just taken, and it completely changed her mind. Gaynes Park in the snow looks even more magical than usual, and it was a fantastic piece of luck which meant I was to shoot such a beautiful wedding there in perfect snow. It was also very fortunate that both Hayley and Daniel were really happy to stand in thick snow for some amazing photos.


  1. Ian Price says:

    Love all the images Justin – The last shot is fantastic – I bet the bride and groom are over the moon 🙂


  2. Justin

    We love our photos they really tell a story of our day and how magicial it was! You have captured so many memories for us both. We loved having you as our photographer you were reassuring not intrusive and genuinely a lovely person we can’t thank you enough for the images you have given us x

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